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First, let's define remote viewing:

"Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind".

Don't let yourself be fooled by the terms "paranormal" or "ESP" - there is a real scientific basis for remote viewing that has been kept from the public for years.

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An Uncensored History Of
Remote Viewing

The earliest ancestors of remote viewing can be traced back thousands of years to the days of the early Greeks, but remote viewing as we understand it today began in the 1930's.   Experiments in clairvoyance, telepathy, and "thought transference," together with investigations into out-of-body states started us on the road to understanding what "remote viewing" is.

In the early 1970's a physicist, Dr. Hal Puthoff, expressed interest in conducting experiments in "unconventional communications."   These experiments were successful enough to attract the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In 1978 the US Army created a remote viewing unit to gather intelligence from around the world.   The unit was eventually combined with a research unit under the leadership of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

An act of Congress transferred responsibility for the program back to the CIA from the DIA in 1995, and this is when the CIA declassified portions of the program, making the public aware of it's existence.

2004 saw the release of a very important book by Jeff Ronson.   It was called "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and documented the attempted use of "psychic" abilities - including remote viewing - by the United States military.

In 2009 a movie very loosely based on this book, starring George Clooney and Kevin Spacey, was released.   It made over $67 million worldwide.

Millions Of People Watched "The Men Who Stared At Goats" But How Many Of Them Will Learn:

  • A simple, structured technique for performing remote viewing that anyone can learn fast
  • An exciting new method to remote view in "3-D" - until now this has only been shared with people who spend thousands of dollars!
  • Obtain "inside information" on the object of your desires
  • How to prevent your fears and desires from contaminating your remote viewing sessions
  • Why most who teach remote viewing methods are complete lunatics to be avoided at all cost!
  • Locate lost objects in less than 5 minutes
  • Develop a skill-set that will allow you to surpass the capabilities of the world's best psychics
  • ANY HUMAN BEING can learn how to do this - it doesn't take "psychic powers" or special talents
I Don't Blame You If You're Skeptical... I Was Too, Until I Learned The Evidence In
Favor Of Remote Viewing:

CIA Supported Remote Viewing

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) initially funded remote viewing experiments - later expanding the program and increasing the funding.   John N. McMahon, who would become Deputy Director of the CIA, was a staunch supporter of the program.

The Houston Chronicle

US Government Awards 'Legion of Merit' To Remote Viewer:

In 1984 a participant in the U.S. federal government's $20 million research program was awarded the Legion of Merit for "determining 150 essential elements of information (...) unavailable from any other source."

Journal of Parapsychology, March 1996

Remote Viewer Draws Images Picked By Someone Else -
In Another Room

"The second individual with special abilities we have examined was Ingo Swann, a middle-aged artist who developed the process of remote viewing.   The procedure was very simple.   Pictures from magazines were placed in envelopes and stored in another room. One envelope per trial was selected by a person not involved with the experiment and placed on a table in this room.   While Mr. Swann was sitting with another experimenter in an acoustic chamber and drawing his images about the hidden stimulus, electroencephalographic activity was recorded. In our experiments over several days, more than 20 stimuli were employed.

Blind rankings by other researchers indicated significant congruence between the stimulus and Mr. Swann's drawings and comments."

The Neuropsychiatry of Paranormal Experiences, Michael A. Persinger, Ph.D., C.Psych. professor at Laurentian University, Canada

You'll Be Able To Create Your Own Successful Reality Once You Discover...

  • An "autopilot" way to keep your conscious mind occupied while doing sessions
  • How to act as your own "monitor" during RV sessions so you never have to depend on anyone for help
  • A "terminology" section that will get you up to speed and have you feeling like a remote viewing expert in no time
  • How to prevent a human target's imagination from skewing your results
  • Analyze remote viewing date accurately - most cannot do this, then wonder why their results make no sense!
  • How to transcend time, distance, or other obstacles

The Pitfalls Of Remote Viewing Workshops

I want to tell you about my experience at a "remote viewing workshop" so you'll understand where I'm coming from - and why I put together Remote Viewing Mastery.

In 2010 I was invited to a workshop on remote viewing in Nevada.

The person hosting this workshop is very well known - in fact, it would be fair to call him famous!

Shortly after arriving at the hotel I was disappointed - the hotel was little more than a dump, my bed had a big cigarette burn on the comforter and the television didn't work.

I had to ask myself: "THIS is the big time? The guy doesn't even put on his workshops in nice hotels!"

From there it only got worse.

Mr. Big Shot Remote Viewer constantly bragged about what he had allegedly accomplished - I say "allegedly" because he never once offered any evidence to prove his claims of remote viewing for government agencies, finding lost children, or a 100 other things he talked about.

But there was one thing that convinced me this guy wasn't on the level...

We were in a casino with a sportsbook where you can place wagers on sporting events - what better way to back up his big mouth than remote viewing the winner of a game and going downstairs to place a wager on it?

When someone in class suggested we remote view a winner, the "teacher" half-heartedly agreed with him, then the subject was dropped - never to be brought up again!

I could have sworn that this instructor, who most of the people were paying hundreds of dollars, didn't really want us learn all his "secrets" and that was why he was "dumbing down" the whole affair.

But one positive thing came out of all this - the letter you're reading now!

I was convinced that remote viewing does have unlimited potential, and vowed to find out the best way to unleash it, whether the workshop-promoters like it or not!

Everything You Need To Know Is Explained In This Book:

  • "Analytical overlays" (AOLs) - what they are, why they happen, and how to eliminate them once and for all
  • The "secret weapon" used in remote viewing experiments - the "famous" remote viewers never mention this
  • Accurately transfer information from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind
  • A sneaky method to make sure the timelines you get in your RV sessions are accurate - miss this, and you'll know WHAT is going on but you'll have no idea WHEN
  • The truth about remote viewing for money...
  • A one-page "quick start" guide that will have you doing RV sessions in MINUTES
  • My top-secret methods for betting on sports after remote viewing the winners!
  • Previously classified information dealing with RV techniques of the future - this will blow your mind

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Napoleon's Book of Fate

Would you believe that Napoleon used a primitive form of remote viewing to gain an advantage over his opponents?

Yes, it sounds crazy - but this book, allegedly recovered from his private possessions after his defeat at Leipzig in 1813, lays out a blueprint for the early stages of remote viewing.

It is said this "Book of Fate" or "Oraculum" had been discovered in one of the Royal tombs of Egypt during a French military expedition of 1801.

Napoleon ordered the manuscript to be translated by a famous German scholar.   From that time onwards the Book of Fate was one of his most treasured possessions.   Napoleon consulted it on many occasions and it is said to have "formed a stimulus to his most speculative and most successful enterprises."

2012 Enhanced Remote Viewing Template

One of the most annoying aspects of learning RV is the ridiculous amount of paperwork you have to deal with.

The templates the RV "big shots" use are spread across multiple sheets of paper, so any time you attempt to remote view you end up with one big mess.

I've taken the core aspects of the RV template and arranged them in a new way - a way that will save you time, hassle, and money by letting you do an entire session quickly, on one sheet of paper.

Now you can spend your session time getting results instead of playing with paperwork.

This template was custom-made for my own personal sessions and has never been released before.

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